I'm a developer with 8 years of experience, 4 year professional. I studied computer science at Brno University of Technology and I was awarded a degree for my thesis on modern web applications. My focus are complex mobile (hybrid) and web applications as well as back-end solutions. I love writing test-driven, DRY, SOLID code. Angular 2 with TypeScript is my choice for front-end and Laravel for back-end solutions.

Swift To-Do List Mobile

Multi-platform iOS and Android mobile app I have developed for Dextronet. It handles synchronization with their servers and works both online and offline. There is a database powered by SQLite that stores changes made by the user and synchronizes them with Dextronet servers when the user is online. It's a hybrid Ionic mobile app: HTML5 application that is packaged with Cordova. The same code runs on Android as well as iOS.

Ionic, AngularJS, SQLite, CoffeeScript, NodeJS, jQuery

Swift To-Do List Online

Real-time web app with rich GUI. It's built with Ext JS framework. Messages from the server are channeled with socket.io library and the app reflects data changes in real-time. A custom SASS theme has been used to provide more native unique look. The data is synchronized with Swift To-Do List Mobile and Swift To-Do List for Windows.

Ext JS, SASS, Socket.io, Mina


Product of Czech IT/law start-up I have co-founded used by attorneys. Proculus is a software solution for automatic generation of contracts for real-estate sales. It's directly connected to government register of real-estate via their SOAP API. There is a solid Laravel back-end and a front-end app in Angular JS with Angular Material GUI.

AngularJS, Laravel, SOAP, Amazon WS, Heroku, Postgres, Vagrant, phpunit

TopTrika.cz Interactive E-shop

Application in Angular 1. My responsibility was to use back-end API to create an interactive application where customers design their own textile. There is also an interface for administrators which allows them to edit their range of products and process orders.

AngularJS, Bootstrap



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